Speech on Investment climate Lviv STA

Lviv STA May 2016


Danish Business Association, President Lars Vestbjerg was invited by Lviv State Tax Administration to highligt barriers from the foreign investment society.


Lars Vestbjerg mentioned that the outcome of many years cooperation between Danish Business Association and Lviv State Tax Administration and the signed memorandum, has solved many problems during the last decade.


The only one problem is the unfair business climate for white companies operating legally in Ukraine. They have unfair competition on the salary level because the grey and black companies operating on the market are able to pay the higher salary when not paying the official taxes. We are foreign companies operating under the legal framework in Ukraine. It is essentially that this problem shall be solved by Ukrainian Authorities to make the safe investment climate in Ukraine. And another very important thing to note is that, this is the right way to go, to become a member of the EU in the future.