Danish Ambassador and DBA meet with Lviv Governor



On November 23, 2015, Christian Dons Christensen, Ambassador of ‎Denmark‬ to ‎Ukraine‬ and Lars Vestbjerg, President of Danish Business Association meet with ‎Lviv‬ Governor, Oleg Synuytka.


The following questions were discussed:


Prospects of attracting foreign investment to Lviv Oblast.


Cooperation between the Danish Embassy, DBA, Lviv Oblast Administration, State Tax Administration and Custom Office in Lviv, the Memorandum of cooperation signed in 2015.


The activities of Danish companies in Ukraine.


Denmark's promotion and support to Ukraine, new investment opportunities and cooperation to support reforms.


Evaluation of government and regional reforms from the perspective of Lviv Oblast Administration.


Denmark's Funds supporting Danish investors starting business in Ukraine.


Energy project Funds for renewable energy solution in Ukraine.