Meeting with new Chief of Lviv Custom Office

New Chief of Lviv Custom Office Denis Pudryk met with chairman of the Danish Business Association Lars Vestbjerg. During the meeting they discussed issues of cooperation, including customs point election for companies and ways how to avoid too much logistic for companies with different custom points.


Attracting of Danish investment and cooperation with Danish investors are the main aspects that determine the directions and priorities of international economic activity of Ukraine, forms of participation in European integration processes, the specifics of regional economic policy. Therefore, Lviv Custom office actively works towards creating an enabling environment for business, attracting of foreign investment in accordance with the current legislation.


Since the beginning of the year there were number of meetings with participation of Custom Office and representatives of the business. Particularly in January 2011 was signed the 5-sides Memorandum of cooperation and promotion of Danish investment in Lviv region between the Lviv Customs, Lviv Oblast State Administration,Lviv StateTax Administration , The Western Regional Department of State Border Guard Services of Ukraine and Danish Business Association.


Lviv Custom Office_OCT_2011

Photo. DBA Chairman Lars Vestbjerg, Chief of Lviv Custom Office Denis Pudryk and Deputy Chief of Lviv Custom Office Igor Mrochko.