Danish Art exhibition in Lviv

June 4 at the Lviv Ukrsotsbank opened an exhibition of paintings by two Danish artists Birte Sidelman and Gete Aakjær.  This Art exhibition taking place in Ukrsotsbank, Lviv Centre from June 4th - July 9th 2010.


As noted at the opening of the artist, they began painting seriously engaged almost simultaneously: the Goethe Aakyaer in 1999 was the first artistic debut, and then she even began to teach at the Academy of Arts, for Birte Sidelman since 2000 painting became a way of life, and to Since then it has perceived painting as a hobby. Both artist have a private gallery in Denmark.

As the art historian, Professor National Academy of Arts Orest Holubec, bright colored paints in paintings Birte Sidelman and Gete Aakjær, and child image in the world. "This could become an artist who has not abandoned his children's world" - said Orest Holubec.

Both artists have decided to give 10% of the proceeds from the sale of paintings in Lviv to the charity project established by DBA for orphans in Lviv Oblast. Last year the artists, while in Ukraine, visited the school and was impressed by the situation of children. Birte Sidelman and Gete Aakjær wants to help orphans, because they saw the real life of such children.