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    • 11.04.2019
    • Danissh Business Association President Mr. Lars Vestbjerg presenting Danish business in Ukraine and how efficient Ukraine can be with Danish technologies and support.  
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    • 30.03.2019
    • DBA supporting directly Lviv society with funds for charity projects.   Giving funds to Charity work done by Rotary and Rotaract.   Own charity events are made to inspire the people og Ukraine about Danish traditions.   DBA gave 8...
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    • 01.01.2019
    • DANIDA BUSINESS FINANCE FINANCING ON FAVOURABLE TERMS TO SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Danida Business Finance (DBF) offers financing on favourable terms to sustainable infrastructure projects in developing count...
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EmbassyThe Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is represented throughout the entire world. The commercial department in the ministry is known as the Trade Council and serves the majority of Danish companies.

The Trade Council is a customer-oriented export and investment promotion organization. The mission of the Trade Council is to create value, growth and knowledge for Denmark through global consulting services and partnerships. In Ukraine we help both existing Danish companies already established in Ukraine as well as Danish exporters of commodities. The companies we work with on a consultancy basis are from small, to medium size to large. Our main goal is to assist the Danish companies penetrating the Ukrainian market or to establish themselves here.

The Trade Council works with many partners here in Ukraine. One of them is DBA. We also seek to stay in close contact with Danish companies in Ukraine, and organize various business seminars in Denmark in order to inform companies in Denmark about the commercial possibilities here in Ukraine.

The number of Danish companies active in Ukraine fortunately grows. Denmark is especially active in outsourcing of traditional production companies to Western Ukraine. IT outsourcing is another big sector for Denmark, especially to Kiev and the other large Ukrainian cities with many universities graduates. Farming and especially pork farming is growing as well.

Lately, the energy sector has started to become more in focus for its major potential. Read more about the Danish Embassy activities here:

And please feel free to contact the Trade Department if you have questions or are in need of good advice or a contact.

Head of Trade Department, The Danish Embassy in Kiev




PHONE + 380 44 200 1260 / IEVAMB@UM.DK / WWW.UKRAINE.UM.DK


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